The internet is a useful tool that can truly benefit a business or an individual. There are plenty of goods and services that are available for people to purchase. One particular help in terms of driving business is internet links. However, there have been concerns about how many links there can be on one page. Another concern has to do with whether SEO and public relations is affected by the amount of links on a page.

To answer these concerns, it is necessary to begin with recommendations for how many links a web page was supposed to have. A link enables people to click on similar subject while on a particular website. At one point, Google made the statement that there should be a maximum amount of 100 links per page. At the time, that recommendation made a lot of sense, since the internet was not as large or expansive as it is today. That being said, things were bound to change, and they did. Websites became more complex, and there was a need for pages to expand. A number of sites would like to have more than 100 links per page but are concerned about whether this is possible. In fact, there was a fear that if a site used 101 or 102 links that there would be consequences that would be enforced. Besides this, there was a fear that the website would be seen as spam.

Fortunately, Google has made some changes, and no longer requires a website to strictly adhere to 100 links. Part of the reasons for this, as referenced earlier, is that the internet has expanded and the number of web pages has increased creating more internet content and links. Granted, there may be a limit to the size of a file, but there can certainly be more than 100 links on a page. With this in mind, some want to know the new number of links that Google permits. The answer from Google is that there should be a reasonable number of links. Some web pages may hold up to 300 or 400 links, and that is appropriate.

The other concern has to deal with SEO and public relations. A web page does face a danger of having too many links on a site, which can give the impression that it is spam thereby damaging the image of the site itself. A way to combat this is to have a regular customer or a user provide feedback on a site. A website could give the individual a special survey that would provide valuable information on how the site looks to them.

The bottom line for companies and individuals is not to worry about the number of links on a webpage. This helpful information can enable websites to focus on other important things, such as web development and valuable content. After all, the key is to provide customers and users with a great site that has everything that they need.

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