CMS makes design changes simple. It makes the process easy..


CMS makes design changes simple.

It makes the process easy because both content box and design box are separate and it is easy to make design changes while the site is still functional.

Content management is done with CMS: Management of content is not just about content publishing but being able to remove the content when it is out of date. With CMS all the menu contents and links on the site are updated automatically. With CMS you are in control of your business site.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Technical and creative elements are used to increase awareness about a website in search engines. SEO makes sure that your website is structured and designed in the way search engines find it trustworthy. Most of the websites are driven by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For most internet users search engine is the primary method of navigation although other social media also can drive traffic to your website. Search engines provide targeted traffic. Search engines although smart still need help and the right SEO can bring thousands of visitors to your site and increase the visibility of your website. SEO helps boost ranking and companies who perform SEO have an advantage in visitors and customers.

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Budgeting for internet Marketing: It can be done by allocating funds to your online marketing efforts. Allocate at least 10% of your annual gross sales to internet marketing efforts. Learn basics, start blogging, get some direction, find the tools, and build relationships are few things to do to get exposure to your website.